La Cacita Restaurant, Naguru’s Finest Hangout Spot

La Cacita Restaurant, Naguru's Finest Hangout Spot

La Casita Restaurant, an Asian(Korean) restaurant that boasts a Spanish name with an English translation to mean “Little House”. A friend kept singing it in my ears and I kept wondering. Well, finally visited one evening, it was a little late, around 10pm. The place had signs of life, we arrived when a music band was winding up with their last song – too bad for me. We were welcomed by a nice lady who showed us to a comfortable place where we could watch the band playing. Since it was late in the night, they had run out of most dishes we wanted to try out. So, we had to leave without tasting anything.

After a while, I finally returned alone at about 6pm, on a Saturday evening after numerous recommendations, and could see (and taste) why the recommendation was given.

Service and Staff:

– Some of the food was quick to come out (the easier foods to cook)
– Drinks come out very quickly also

Food and Drinks:

– Kimchi: delicious and does the job
– Chilli steamed pork ribs: Had never quite had anything like it, but yeah, I would recommend it.
– Greek Lemon Chicken: How they made it still remains a mystery, but it was fcukin good. By no means the best chicken ever, perfect flavor.
– Jerk chicken: we didn’t taste this but from their other dishes, I can tell it’s probably delicious – would recommend ordering this.
Overall, you can’t finish everything on the menu, but from the samples we had, I would say you need to try them out.

La Cacita Restaurant, Naguru's Finest Hangout Spot


– The band leaves too soon on Friday evenings, can’t you extend play time by at least another hour, ehh.
– Their parking space needs serious improvement, there is barely any space in the evenings.
– Love the fact that they have a terrace kind of arrangement. This explains pretty much why I am coming back to La Casita restaurant this week. Niceness just.

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