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Flametree Stables, The Home Of Cowboys And Cowgirls

Flametree Stables, The Home Of Cowboys And Cowgirls

When I think of cowboys, the first thought I get is Texas California. In Uganda however, I don’t know how to call it. But well, Flametree Stables is one place any horse lover must never miss.

Owned and run by Miranda Bowser, this place gives you all the right feelings. I love petting horses, of course aside from riding them and this place is the top spot in Kampala, if not the whole country.

An accomplished horsewoman she is, Miranda moved to Uganda from the UK over 20 years ago. When she arrived, she perhaps saw how lacking the country was in terms of horses and the fun that comes with them. And decided to set up a place just for that. Keeping horses and teaching people how to ride isn’t an easy task but if you’re an equestrian, then this doesn’t challenge you as much.

Hiding in the countryside near Gayaza, Flametree stables sits on a 20-acre piece of woodland. Home to a variety of flora and fauna, the place also has flame trees which gives the business its name.

Flametree Stable to Kampala is like Fort Worth Stockyards Stables and Horseback Riding to Texas. I don’t want to talk too much about this, you need to just visit.

Meanwhile, their instructors are quite friendly, especially when you consider the hardships that come with riding horses for first-timers. Life isn’t that hard when you have a horse with you, or at least can access one.

The only issue with them is that you need to make reservations early enough to be able to get access to a horse. The weekends are usually their best days but that also means you’ll have to part with a little more than you would on a normal weekday like a Wednesday for example. Either way, every good thing comes at a price which if you ask me, is worth going for.

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