The Mediterraneano Restaurant, The “little Italy” You Need To Check Out Before This Month Ends

The Mediterraneano Restaurant, The "little Italy" You Need To Check Out Before This Month Ends

Have you ever gotten lost and found yourself in somebody’s kitchen? Well, Mediterraneano Restaurant should be your kitchen away from your kitchen.

I call this place “Little Italy”, it has made an unlikely site of pilgrimage for those who like good food. The main attraction to me is the chicken and ham, a bite just makes you feel all the right things. They also serve a satisfying amount, it’s not like a majority of restaurants in Kampala that just drop you a pinch.

I would consider it the best Italian restaurant in Kampala. Words can’t describe how incredibly entertaining an experience at this place is. It’s a must-do experience for every food junky around town.

With a stunning atmosphere, service, and every little thing you can imagine, it’s only fitting that Kampala’s best Italian restaurant should specialize in uniqueness.

Make the journey to plot 31, Acacia Avenue-Kampala and their master sifu- I mean master chef will blow your mind with a unique menu. The friendly young staff will take very good care of all your food needs.

Also, the Mediterraneano Restaurant doesn’t age, their menu is ever fresh and so is everything that comes with them. It is a must-go-to place for me.

Either way, I can’t say everything in this place is perfect, you need to get there yourself to have the feel of what I am raving about.

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