CHAPTER One Restaurant, Protea Hotel

CHAPTER One Restaurant, Protea Hotel

CHAPTER One Restaurant, Protea Hotel, one of the restaurants that has improved over time. About 3 and a half years ago, I detested this place for two reasons. One; they served my steak too dry and two, the waitress walked around chewing gum. This has since changed. A few weeks ago I was here for a brief meeting and thought I could perhaps see something different. Guess what, it was indeed different.

If you’re in Kololo or just around town, this CHAPTER One Restaurant is certainly your go-to place (that is, if you’re into fine dining). Very easily located at Protea Hotel, they also have a good Covid-precautionary setup, so you can feel relatively safe getting whatever you want here without worrying about the possibility of getting Covid.

CHAPTER One Restaurant, Protea HotelI don’t go to Protea often but when I have something to do around Kololo, I try to get there at least once in two months or sometimes twice. Unlike the other restaurants, you can get your vegan fix here too.

And with their plentiful non-dairy options you can craft it to your heart’s delight. Each time I come to this place and place in my order, the staff is friendly and actually get things done quite quickly too, compared to 3 years ago.

They can also do contactless delivery if you order on the glovo app. Their food always arrives hot.

I would recommend them over any other restaurant in the area (even if that’s marginally closer to you); the speed and service is worth it.

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