Restaurant Review; Le Chateau Brasserie Belge, The Belgian Experience

Le Chateau, The Belgian Cuisine experience

Le Chateau Brasserie Belge, I’ll be honest, I was a little hesitant about whether or not to write a review for this place. The place is more than what I expected for a small restaurant. I didn’t want to praise or criticize too much. This place is one of those very difficult to predict fine-dining restaurants. It is awesome in its own way and I don’t want it to become one of those “over-hyped” restaurants like many others in downtown Kampala. Selfishly, I also wanted to keep this somewhat of a hidden gem to myself!

You know this place is legit when it’s smack dab in the middle of Kabalagala (aka lots of Belgian, German and other international citizens along that route). It always has throngs of other European families waiting in line at any given time.

Their mussels and fries are really good, and they make sure it comes with a glass of wine every 2nd weekend of the month. The real showstopper for me is the “Dry – Aged” Sir Loin Fillet Steak served with mushroom sauce. I could eat this all day.

The dry-aged beef burger is also very savory and flavorful, and has a light and airy consistency. I must warn you though, Le Chateau is not your every day dining place, like I said earlier, it’s a special treat-kind of place for me. It’s also a little pricey for an ordinary man looking for good taste.

Overall, you don’t want to miss this place for anything anytime you find yourself driving along Ggaba road. Reserve a table and get to feel special in this Belgian fine dinning restaurant.

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