A Place I Would Call “Peace At Last”, Surjios Guest House -Jinja

A Place I Would Call "Peace At Last", Surjios Guest House -Jinja

Surjios Guest House, one of, if not the most peaceful hide-out in Jinja. The view is unbelievably beautiful!

The rooms immaculate, except for a few things here and there. I have visited many places over the last few years and I can confidently say, if I ever find myself in Jinja City again, this is where I will set my camp.

Anytime I needed anything, it would come right up and on time… an absolute pleasure. The waiters are the best you can find, they are not the type that you’ll have to break your neck trying to explain simple things to. They get you real fast. These young guys know what professionalism, personable service and just human pleasantry is about!

I only have a single 100% resolvable or already resolved issue to mention last. This place is low key. The decor is simple, clean, and funky.

But wait, just get rid of those gross-looking haystack seats lol. I scrubbed it with a wipe and it was surprisingly immaculate. They just look germy.

The food at Surjios Guest House and the cocktails, I can only say, simple, seamless and excellent. The walkways are more like in a college -than in a hotel, lol! But it works. The artwork on the walls is an awesome wonder!

However, the housekeeping staff at Surjios Guest House needs to be pulled out of their shyness. So sweet. They should outwardly greet. If you take the time, they respond sweetly. They need to be trained to say ‘Hi’ and not avoid it. Every single request met in a minute by them. Such nice staff. For a resort, unfortunately, you need to “Hi” and welcome the guests constantly and spontaneously.

The pool is clean too, just not a preference for a long-distance swimmer. As for me, it’s just what I want.

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