An Overview Of What To Expect When You Find Yourself At Skyz Hotel

An Overview Of What To Expect When You Find Yourself At Skyz Hotel

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Resting tall on one one of the hills of the city is this establishment I can’t call a hideout, it’s not one of those places that is built as a hideout, it’s meant to be seen. Perhaps that is why they chose the name Skyz, after all, the sky and nearly everything in it is always visible or at least felt. This also happens to be an up-scale hotel that prides itself in giving it’s competitors sleepless nights.

Step in and discover a bite of life or what I like to call ‘life in it’s fullness’. Skyz Hotel hasn’t been in existence for so long. But I can tell, the forces behind it have been in the game for decades. From everything you set your eyes on at the entrance, right to the point where you feel like dancing a little bit.

There are just a lot of things that keep me coming. For starters, the waiters/waitresses are smart, the menu is diverse. If you go in the evening, you’ll find the waiters still wearing great smiles on tired faces. I like breathing freshly and that makes the outdoors my favorite.

These chaps understand what it means to have multiple star ratings and for that, they have and are still working their way up. To them, ratings don’t come cheap and that explains why their services are top notch.

The menu has all the classic dishes you would expect. I can tell they import some of the ingredients but in an easy-to-manage quantity. You don’t have to wade through pages and pages of dishes which in the end only serve to confuse you.

When you choose to stay for an entire weekend, the prices are reasonable when you think that in a short distance away, there are hotels which charge double the price for one-third of the quality.

For the guys who like exclusive dates, this might just be one place you need to check out. Ladies love this place, I have seen a man get a lady excited here twice. Too bad his other lady caught him on his third time!

One thing though, is that this place doesn’t seem to be trying to look different from many other hotels of the same level. When you get into one, they all look the same.

Bottom line, it’s not unique but it can still give you the kind of experience one would get for the price charge. Therefore, I would very much recommend Skyz Hotel, especially considering their attention to detail.

Either way, I’m pretty sure they have some very annoying skeletons!

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