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Itanda Falls In Jinja City, A Tourist’s Must-Reach Place

Itanda Falls In Jinja City, A Tourist's Must Reach Place

Located about 27 kilometers from Jinja City, Itanda Falls comes off as one of those places you and every other traveler must-see in case you find yourself in Jinja. It mostly gained popularity after Bujagali Falls’ disappearance as a result of a new dam built there. It will take you a 45-minute drive along the Nile to get there.

Located along the River Nile in Jinja City, Itanda Falls is well-known to kayakers and rafters. Among the notable ones is Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, KG, KT, PC, ADC among others.

This stretch of the Nile has eluded many tourists in Uganda for a long time. It currently sleeps comfortably as the top spot for every tourist in Jinja.

You might want to ask why this place is actually the top tourist spot in Jinja right now.

Well, here is why; but before that, what would you do if you found something preserved and not messed up with, of course, you’ll want to keep it that way!

Now, here’s why Itanda Falls comes off as a well-preserved tourist destination;

  • Not many tourists visit it.
  • Not many have heard of it, and very few safari operators have it in their packages.
  • Also; these falls are not that easy to access. You need to be thick-skinned to be able to get there.

Those are a few reasons why this place still has its natural look.

Now, once you get to this falls, the beauty that you’ll be presented with is so much strong and natural that you’ll feel it’s the last thing you should see on earth. But of course, you won’t die, especially if you’re careful. That means you’ll want to bring along a troupe on your next visit. However, Itanda falls are as beautiful and powerful as they are dangerous, caution is advised when visiting.

The area is well-preserved and is considered a sacred site by the locals. So, you won’t have to be chased down by hawkers trying to sell you different items. The only thing waiting for you here is the Nile River in her natural beauty. No distractions, no disturbances.

The falls also comes with small islands which would really be nice spots for basking along the river. Unfortunately, there is nearly no way to access them. Hopefully, they will enable access to those islands soon because it has a lot of potential as a tourist spot.

Itanda falls is a must-see for anyone on safari in Uganda.

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