Krustys Fast Food, Very Big And Ugly But Tasty Burgers

Krustys Fast Food, Very Big And Ugly But Tasty Burgers

Yesterday, the delivery time was stated as 60 minutes, but I received the food in just under 40 minutes.
Krustys Fast Food has a “very good problem”, their burgers are absolutely humongous and ugly but one thing is for sure, they are as tasty as hell.

There’s nothing in the world like a burger that looks like it’s screaming “welcome” in your face.

I’m not sure how long these guys have been in this business, but I have enjoyed their delicacies for 3 years now. Has anyone else noticed this ‘delicious “problem”?  I consistently get this huge and ugly yet sweet-smelling burger looking at me seductively like it’s my lover.

I have however not been consistent with my orders lately, and this is because of a small petty issue like fries slightly coming off under-cooked. I wish they knew how this turns me off.

I opened the bag and it was like “damn, these things are not ready”.  Already under-cooked, then the time on the Jumia delivery bike transformed them into limp, dead, pasty white inedible jelly fries.

However, this does not mean I longer like them, perhaps this particular day found the chef already exhausted.

Krustys Fast Food will still get high marks for everything else but the under-cooked limp fries are the deal-breaker. Another thing, the Krustys Fast Food chicken wing really isn’t that delicious.

But a perfectly humongous and ugly burger is a thing of beauty.  Life is too short not to try them.

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