Palm Cafe Pizzeria; One Of The Best Pizzerias Around Muyenga

Palm Cafe Pizzeria; One Of The Best Pizzerias Around Muyenga

In the past year and a half, I’ve fallen in love with pizza and been on the hunt to try every place, which is what lead me to Palm Cafe Pizzeria along Muyenga Road.

Palm Cafe Pizzeria offers different types of Pizza, there is pizza Capriciosa, Hawaiian Pizza and many others.

I love bbq chicken pizzas, that one immediately got my attention and placed my order for that. The hot sauce was on the bitter side. I wish it was a little sweeter and tangy because the bitterness of the sauce overpowered the rest of ingredients and was the prominent flavor. The crust fell short of expectations as well. It wasn’t the crispy, cheesy edges that I’ve had with the previous pizzas. The crust as a whole had more of the mucky texture rather than the crusty.

I usually go for the medium one, that way I can eat until I leave! I get full off 2 1/2 slices. One large pizza would need 2-4 people or perhaps someone with quite an appetite.

The packaging can use some improvement. I ordered a regular size but it came delivered in their larger sized box. During the delivery, the pizza slid from side to side, smashing the pizza, which wasn’t the end of the world, but seems like a simple fix with the right sized box. Delivery is something I don’t typically do, but since it was less than 10 minutes from where I was, I figured the transit time would be chill. Pizza was still hot, so that’s a win.

Overall, if you are looking to compare pizzas in the area, I’d say Palm Cafe Pizzeria is still worth a try.

However, everyone’s taste is different, so you’ll never know if you like it until you try it for yourself! Next time around I think i’ll stick to a more classic style and see how that goes, plus their Veggie Pizza looks delicious, I might consider trying it out next time.

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