Cantine DiVino; A Not-So Exclusive Italian Restaurant

Cantine DiVino; A Not-So Exclusive Italian Restaurant

I have come to Cantine DiVino thrice before and I have never faulted it. But I was disappointed this time and didn’t finish my steak because of it.
Something just tasted awful and it’s never tasted that way before. I was put off my food from it. Honestly, this time was a waste of money.

But let me say – every other time I have thoroughly enjoyed my food and time here. The meats tasted really great and the ambience is cool.

It was a one-off I’m hoping as I absolutely love this restaurant.
They were quite busy (usually are), so I’m assuming that someone rushed the proportions of the mixture. I just couldn’t eat the steak because of it.

Worse still, the waitress took the wrong order and brought me the wrong dish. Then after she said she would change the dish to what I prefer in 5 mins, she still went ahead to serve me the exact same dish as earlier. As if that was not enough, she did not even apologize for her mistake and another waiter came up to kind of push me to take this dish or wait another 15 mins at least to make a new dish as I had wanted. That one too without apologizing just left.

This was very unexpected of Cantine DiVino and to handle me like that was definitely not cool. Very poor service. I WON’T go there again and would not recommend anyone. Very “un-Italian”.

Another weird thing I noticed is, they entertain very cheap customers, the place is full of hookers. Maybe I didn’t notice their presence the last three times because I was very hungry.

Don’t go if you want to just have your meal in peace. Otherwise, if this is how they are usually, you’ll find ridiculous hookers trying to flash what’s underneath their skirts in your face.

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