7 Hills Revolving Restaurant; A Food Heaven You Should Visit

7 Hills Revolving Restaurant; A Food Heaven You Should Visit

7 Hills Revolving Restaurant, very upscale and high-end on prices. It was the usual cold and windy evening but luckily, we had our jackets on, ready for outdoor seating. The ambiance is nice with some sweet-smelling outdoor plants.

We had some appetizers to start off. The appetizers were nice, at least to me, my date found the taste weird though. Apparently to her, it tasted “froggy”-as in a frog. However, it tasted good to me because well, it was made of chicken and that’s where my food lust lies.

For their main course, I decided to go for their popular steak. It had a large T-born steak, a bit of sauce, and rice-rice because that’s what I chose to have it with. And it was made with coconut butter in it. Every ingredient on there was perfect. I had half of it left to take home. The steak was a bit heavy for me.

My date ordered pan-grilled meats and French fries. It smelled good too and probably tasted the same. I have had this here severally and trust me, it’s tiring to eat good food all the time.

Now, on the drinks, we had red wine and lemon juice. Which was good as well. Overall, a nice expected experience from a high-end restaurant.

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