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Inyamat Village: Oh, How The Great Have Fallen.

Inyamat Village: Oh, How The Great Have Fallen.

Inyamat Village was on my shortlist of excellent places in Ntinda. Superb food, very reasonable prices, and great location and ambiance, just a month or two ago. Unfortunately, no more. They, unfortunately, have no menu, the foods remain the same, but nearly ALL of it has changed for the worse. Much worse. The barbecue pork was once amazing, and now it’s awful. Their steak is no longer nice, it has a stale taste, perhaps they keep their meets in the deep freezer for weeks.

They will give you all sorts of excuses on why they don’t have this and that each time you come around. Their pan-fried pork used to be layers of many flavors, now taste like unwashed lettuce wrapped in rice paper. And the portions are half the size they used to be and just terrible flavor by comparison.

Staff says they changed chefs, but I can’t imagine why they would so badly ruin such an incredible place so quickly and obviously. I mean, other than the drinks, which are always not there too, everything was just a notch or two above terrible. I’m so disappointed, used to come here twice a month or more and it never disappointed, and now one of the best places to eat out in Ntinda is sadly ruined. What a waste.

I hope the management of Inyamat Village gets to see this and quickly look into their formerly great and now horrible services. The last time I came around, I only had to drink passion juice. Apparently, the gas cooker was not working, they had run out of gas and the other juices were not there. And if we wanted to eat something, it would have to be just dry nyama-choma and nothing else. A great ambiance with poor services can only zero down to a lost course. Don’t make your good waiters and waitresses try to explain the obvious. We have eyes that work 100%.

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