Cafesserie; An Overhyped Yet Barely Special Restaurant

Cafesserie; An Overhyped Yet Barely Special Restaurant

Cafesserie; To be honest, I think this place is overhyped. I’ve been reading quite a bit about how great this place is and thought it was time to stop by. It was lunch time and I had an engagement and thought I would grab some lunch while at it.

To start off, I called in advance to ask if they took reservations for three. The employee on the phone told me they only took walk-ins. If you’ve ever been here you know that they definitely take reservations and due to this I had a 20-minute wait.

Once we arrived at Cafesserie, the check-in process was so chaotic we weren’t quite sure where to stand. By the time the table was ready, we had to get back in a line to let the hostess know we were there for our table.

The hostess stressed that they were strict with their COVID protocols but there was no social distancing and the washroom floor looked like it had not been cleaned for hours.

Now, getting to the food, it was flavorful but the menu was very misleading with the amount of spice. Some items said “SPICY!!!” but other items didn’t say anything. We let our server know one of the meals was so spicy it was inedible and she brushed it off and walked away.

The bill came and it was a little over UGX300,000, however, for that kind of stressful service, it wasn’t worth it. We were expecting better.

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