Restaurant Review: Lawns Wild Game And Barbecue Restaurant, An Exquisite Food Experience

Restaurant Review: Lawns Wild Game And Barbecue Restaurant, An Exquisite Food Experience

Ever been to a good restaurant where you just want to taste everything on the menu? Maybe not, but at least you’ve wished. Let me begin by saying that I am particular about food. I know how to cook, so if I am going to eat out, I want to enjoy things that I wouldn’t normally make myself.

So a few days ago I went to the Lawns Wild Game and Barbecue Restaurant with a friend, we share the same passion for food, good food. She had talked about it severally and I had promised to try it out. We needed a good restaurant or hotel where we could just admire and bite. I have done this before but wanted a different experience.

We started with a bit of cocktail juice and the salad (perfectly dressed). Both were delicious. There were two of us, and we fought over the salad😊😊, so next time we’ll get two of them. Next we tried three different pizzas, small sizes– the chicken(wow), the beef (also yum) and the vegetable (spicy!).

For our main we had steak(my favorite), which was hearty and comforting yet somehow light, I needed it really fat and juicy. We finished our meal with some red wine, which we also enjoyed tremendously.

We were unable to finish all of the pizza though, so next time we’ll just get two. Lastly, we enjoyed the ambiance, place is as cool as “heaven”, enough fresh air courtesy of the massive vegetation around. The waitresses were very helpful, although it was hard to tell if they were smiling or not. They had masks on. Sadly that’s the new normal for everyone.

Either way, the price charge is absolutely pocket friendly, you won’t break a bank to dine in this place on a daily.

I didn’t exactly go there to explore other areas of their services, I was there for the food and I can tell, you, I will go again.

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