La Cabana Restaurant: The Only Restaurant In Kampala That Means Business

La Cabana Restaurant, The Only Restaurant In Kampala That Means Business

I browse through social media and come across restaurants like La Cabana among others a lot. I know that’s not a personality trait, and it doesn’t make me singular in any way – but it does explain why I recently felt as if I was being stalked by an attractive piece of meat. Allow me to explain.

Over the past three months, I’ve seen 100s or so ads for different restaurant menus. Unlike other ads, these ones never teased any new fitness regimens or investment advice from someone who maybe works at Bank Of Uganda – but still, my interest was piqued. The photography seemed decent, the prices were pleasant, and the food itself looked pretty nice. So, finally, I decided to pay a visit to La Cabana Restaurant for an official test of meat. One bite after another, here’s my honest assessment.

La Cabana Restaurant is one of the restaurants in Kampala offering a range of things that you could call a “mashup,” because any new restaurant these days with a nice enough ambience seems to fall into that category.

At least that’s what we think. The thing is, one of the items they are so good at is the Indian and continental dishes. But then, while they are highly convenient, their prices seem to stretch a little. So, you need to have your wallet with extra notes for you to afford this extraordinary meat.

Yes, they are one of the few restaurants that do exactly what they say they can do. (That part’s important, so remember it the next time you want a good restaurant around town). Unlike your standard roadside food joints in big buildings downtown, these people come with a bit of class. The walls come off as very strangely beautiful, the entire place is welcoming. Their staff I will admit are well-trained, or if not, they are just too nice.

That said, you need to visit so you can make your own conclusions. We can not say we all have the same taste, no, some people like the test of dung and when served with real good food, they may just trash it.

Bottom line, we’re recommending La Cabana Restaurant because we actually like their food and the entire place of course. And oh, when you get there, tell them you discovered them through Kampala Reviews.

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