Middle East Restaurant, A Roadside Restaurant With A Classy Touch

Middle East Restaurant, A Roadside Restaurant With A Classy Touch

Move over Cafe Javas, we got a new cool kid in town (okay fine, maybe not so much but they are really good…) We visited Middle East Restaurant last evening, my new food “plug” on Bukoto-Ntinda road. I don’t know who owns this magical food island, it is a small restaurant space with an absolute love for good food.

We opted for the outside sitting which wasn’t quite as good but who cares, well, maybe you do. We ended up ordering almost half the menu so that we could try a bit of everything, ranging from fried food, small appetizers, and all the wild dishes you can imagine. Food came out fairly quickly even though there were a couple of table orders ahead of us – I suppose that’s the beauty of a small restaurant!

Some of the dishes you should never miss.

We ordered so much food that the couple next to us was so amazed that we were able to finish everything and ended up asking us for recommendations, haha!

Overall – we had an amazing evening of great food and service. They had few waiters and waitresses working and while it was constant go-go-go for them, they made us feel so welcomed and chit-chatted with us and other customers when they had a quick downtime.

Highly recommend checking out Middle East Restaurant. While I’m a bit too far to make it my regular, the cozy and friendly setting along with delicious food make for the perfect place to become a regular spot for locals.

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