Inyamat Village, Where They Serve Food Like Everybody Loves You

Inyamat Village, Where They Serve Food Like Everybody Loves You

Inyamat Village, 3 stars, I would say, but that’s a lie. I have been going to dinner with friends for the last couple of months and everyone has been dying (oops, unsure if I’m allowed to use that word during a pandemic)… I mean lusting…Wait, wanting to go again and again for dinner. Maybe we had high expectations, but overall, the food was okay.

What to get: pork, chicken, fish, burgers, and steak. And who doesn’t love creamy pan-fried pork? Okay, maybe not everyone. The presentation itself is heavenly and this was one of the tastiest dishes we tried here. Paired with cocktail juice or my friend’s favorite beer, an ice-cold Smirnoff, this is a match made in heaven.

Everything here is amazing, the ambiance is everything you would look for. Great outdoors. However, I wish they provided a menu so I would choose from a variety. Pork – perfectly fried pork with plantain and salad on top of it? Thought it was going to be strange, but it was executed perfectly. This is a seasonal dish for me but it was really good!

Inyamat Village, Where They Serve Food Like Everybody Loves You

An evening view of what this village is.

Beefsteak – might just be steak, but it was warm and buttery and damn delicious. This occurred only once though, the other times I ordered for steak, it came looking so dry. You would need a drink each time you took a bite.

Burgers – they were all good, but I would recommend you just save your appetite for the other dishes.

Carbage, avocado, and fresh tomatoes – not bad for dessert but it makes this street-level. Wouldn’t recommend it. And last but not least, the weirdest thing we atewas their barbecue chicken ….. I hate to say it…really gross. It was a bath bomb in my mouth and they tried to make it all fancy and stuff with lime zest all over the ice. I was doing dry January and had to order juice to calm my nerve.

Overall, Inyamat Village was not a bad experience, but I am unsure if my friends and I would go back. The service was really good and the cocktails were okay. Definitely worth a try though! Their traditional approach to modernity, I mean the wooden plates, is what makes them my bestdinner place for January 2022.

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