Arirang Restaurant, The Only Real Asian Restaurant With Korean Cuisine

Arirang Restaurant, The Only Real Asian Restaurant With Korean Cuisine

Arirang restaurant is some sort of Korean restaurant-not your usual small place, this one is enormous but does all the small restaurant things like serving you wings to noodles to soups. No Bibimbap or Kalbi though, well, maybe I just didn’t bother with them.

It is located at Plot 15A Kyadondo Rd, Kampala, home to many notable food spots like Bight Of Benin, Yujo Izakaya(whatever this means) and a list of others.

Arirang restaurant is a great place to try dishes you do not find at your usual Asian restaurant. Service was slightly better than drop-and-go. However, it looks like the bosses don’t quite communicate well with the local staff. Then there is the issue of their suites not reflecting the classy photos they seem to show.

These guys need a serious fixup, most of their amenities are broken. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend this place for a serious function that lasts a whole evening and extends later into the night. Their washrooms are not what you would expect to find in such a place- TOTALLY SUBSTANDARD for such a place.

Food Review:

All types of meats, steaky pork, pork pickled with chilly, goat’s meat and all sorts of barbecues. I am a fan of meats and I can confidently say, they know what they are doing here. Their prices range from between 30k to 50k Their dishes have a ton of flavors along with some bones. Well done. (8.9/10)

They also have a hotpot buffet which I am not much a fan of. This doesn’t mean it’s not nice, it’s mostly Chinese though. beef muscles, tofu, cabbages, beef rolls, sea weed, offals, potato noodles. Nice noodles. (7/10) – They have acorn cold noodles available too. this too will take you in the 50k.

Deep-fried chicken Wings (Zha ji Chi), Sizzling Chicken(Ban Ji Rou), and a whole lot of chicken in different ways.  Nice glaze, and a change from fried pork. (8.5/10). These dishes go between 30k to 42k.

Overall – Good
Food – Very Good
Decor – Very Good
Service – Good
Value –  very Good.

Would I want to come back? Yes, for the food especially. For long stays, hmm. Maybe.

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