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What’s the place to go in Jinja? Tubing The Nile!

Tubing The Nile: What's the place to go in Jinja?

Up until last Sunday, my friends and I had always just heard about Tubing The Nile as a fun activity. Well, we made a call to find out if we needed a reservation before going there. Lucky for us, they informed us that a reservation wasn’t really very necessary but we could still place one if we needed to. Excited, we drive to this hidden place just next to the Nile. First, we get lost, google didn’t point us in the right place but a good security guard at one of the gates of a resort about a minute’s drive to our destination showed us the place. We didn’t tip, how bad. The next time I visit, I will find him. We get to the entrance and the host welcomes us. Nice lady I must admit.

One very confusing male at the entrance tries to give us the “list of things I want you to do”. He says, “Trust me, I am the man of this place”. His way of doing things didn’t quite make sense. It wasn’t long though before another lady we later found out was the front desk lady asks us to get to the reception. As it turns out, the man wasn’t mentally fine.

We wound up at the front desk and were given a list of fun things we could take on that evening. There were two options for us, Tubing the Nile on still waters or the “rafty” waters. We had never gone tubing the Nile before, so we chose the former. The friendly customer service made it easy for us to get everything we needed for the activity. We got shorts to change into since we didn’t carry any and didn’t think we would have to actually get wet. Well, the first time is usually something you don’t expect but still, they were kind enough to lend us theirs. And oh, they were very clean actually. Our lady friend, however, had no option but to take the activity without any changing attire. I had a little t-shirt in the bag luckily, and an extra short.

The activity itself.

Finally, we get on the water and our guide was the coolest dude. Silas, if you happen to read this, man, you’re a cool guy and the next time we come, you’ll still be our guide.

What's the place to go in Jinja? Tubing The Nile!

Here we’re, with our lady friend in the background comfortably  sitting on the tube and too scared to get in the water.

An hour and a half later, we are still on the Nile, drinking water-bottled mineral water to be clear, coca-coal, and some beers. We get swimming, of course under the watchful eyes of Silas. He follows us with his little boat just to make sure we don’t drown😂😂.

Let me not narrate my entire experience because honestly, I want you to go there and feel the vibe yourself.

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