An Overview Of My Experience At The Seven Seas Restaurant-Sheraton Hotel

The seven seas restaurant

Okay, so I went to another one of those ‘cozy’ places, The Seven Seas Restaurant. It’s been a while but being a lover of great taste, sometimes you just want to treat yourself to something a little different.

Alright, so sometimes one forgets how fast Kampala is changing, and how difficult it is to keep track with all the different things going on. I’ll admit (shame on me) that The Seven seas Restaurant isn’t one of my hang-outs-I’m an outdoors person, give me any cool places out there any day. But occasionally I discover a gem nestled in the heart of the city, and I kick myself for being so slow off the mark. A visit to Sheraton Hotel is one of those times.

It sits in the heart of the city, surrounded on all sides by expensive buildings and luxury apartments. The posh address may be intimidating, as well as the fact that the whole building smells “Arab money”, but rest assured there is nothing within the walls of this establishment to be worried about. The management of this restaurant is only interested in one thing, and that’s to encourage as many people as possible to come and try them. “What’s the point of having something so special if only a handful of the population of Kampala have ever been here.”

Well, the whole establishment is grand, if you ask me. The walls carry history with them-the history I will only ask you to read about.

What to expect;

The menu is an interesting blend of so many things. Italian dishes with a wide selection to pick from. If you love seafood, then this here is your heaven. They have a variety, enough to make a vegetarian go nuts.

They follow a classic cooking style with a fair hint of the orient keeping it interesting. The bill, when it arrives, won’t have you reeling with shock. It’s worth it I must say.

For the romantic lot, this here is your ultimate location. Dim-lit in the evening and quiet, there is no such a thing as I-will-kiss-you-in-the-car, it’s either here or no where. And at dusk the whole scene becomes so serene that you really want to just kickback and relax. The staff are friendly and service is so efficient that you never have to refill your own glass of wine. And, surprisingly, this doesn’t intrude on that all important feeling of privacy- which most restaurants find difficult to maintain.

Above average prices places The Seven Seas on the list of special occasion restaurants. However, for me it sits firmly on my “special-treat” list, something I give myself often. And strangely whenever Eve’s daughter is throwing tantrums, it’s more like a shut up kind of dinner.

For the vegetarians, I think we still have a long way. But I’m sure they have something special for everyone and probably won’t indirectly refer us to their competition.

Either way, you need to try it for yourself and draw your own conclusions, otherwise, some beautiful homes have skeletons in their closets.

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