Tamarai; The Pan-Asian Restaurant That’s Really Trying To Stay True To Good Food

Tamarai; The Pan-Asian Restaurant That's Really Trying To Stay True To Good Food

Let’s talk about Tamarai today,  but before that, let me tell you a story. Over the past few years, I’ve lived in Kampala and I’ve eaten here a dozen + times. From the early days where we didn’t need a reservation to get to a hotel or restaurant to now where most fine dining places need them, I have been there and done that.

Cheapish eats and festive offers, to the peak impossible to get a reservation. And a glance at the menu at Tamarai will have an old person asking “did they raise prices?” With their more expensive eats, to now, this Pan-Asian restaurant with quite a taste of good things. The cycle of life, right here.

Tamarai is a gorgeous, bustling restaurant that’s just as lively and decked out. The decor is quite okay and somewhat creative, and this restaurant is as Insta-worthy as it gets in the city.

Note that entrees and drinks are pretty pricey, so you’re most probably just paying for the good vibes.

The one thing you should see here is their kung pao prawns and prawns fondue – Absolutely delicious with springy noodles. Then the chewy Phad Thai noodles. I think it could definitely be easy to find another restaurant in the city with cheaper phad thai that’s just as good, though. 🙁

I’d probably peg this at 3 stars. It’s incredibly pricey for what they offer and I think you can get just as good food for less. It is however delicious & Instgrammable, and they do a good job. It’s definitely less than the high-energy service of previous years, they are now really just seemingly machine-style churning out food.

Note to anyone reading this: the side of steamed vegetables wasn’t great – definitely don’t order. The spicy soups were solid.

Don’t order spicy food if you don’t take in too much, beware! A bit too much spice, as it drowns out the flavor of savory meats.

Overall, Tamarai, is solid. Good for them for still prevailing as a popular spot even with the now limited menu. Their prices range from around 40,000UGX to about 80,000UGX. That’s fair enough if you ask me.

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