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WHAT A WIN! ‘X Master’ Stakes 30,000/=, Wins 194 Million From Fortebet

Fortebet: 'X Master' Stakes 30,000/=, Wins 194 Million From Fortebet

His world must have first come to a standstill after seeing his Fortebet account reading 194 million win. What a memorable win!

From a long list of betting opportunities, this magical winner from Fortebet decided to go for 8 draws out of his selected 10 matches and 1X and X2 for the remaining matches. However, even the 2 matches registered X just as he predicted for the 8. Therefore, all the 10 matches ended in a stalemate. This can only be done by masters like this winner.

This win was on ticket number 3216958436569999, winning cash on June 19 but with the first matches winning on June 18.

The resulting odds for the 8 matches ranged from 2.65 to 3.10 and 1.11 and 1.15 for the other 2 matches, generating a total odd of 6,496,97 and paying this winner 194,909,100/=. This money was wholly paid to him, and handed over by the company brand ambassador, Alex Muhangi.

While receiving his cash, the winner said, “I have been always missing by a whisker, until I finally made it. I am interested in betting on draws because they always carry big odds, just like on my ticket.”
He said he is going to use this money to grow his businesses and become a billionaire.


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