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Kabira Country Club; The “Better” Among Many “Goods”

Kabira Country Club; The "Better" Among Many "Goods"

Kabira Country Club, we arrived a little past noon on a Sunday and although it wasn’t crowded, it took some time for a waiter to get to our table. Originally we were hoping to preorder online since I’ve heard waits can be long sometimes. Either way, when one finally did, he was quick and knew exactly what we wanted-must have worked here for some years. Their prices range from between 15,000/= to 100,000/= for an item depending on what you’re ordering.

Kabira Country Club; The "Better" Among Many "Goods"


Seafood(3/5) – I feel like these guys just love too much fish. From prawns to deep-fried Nile “catch” to whatever, they just love it fishy. I am not much a lover of anything that lives inside water. But I eat them. And hey, their prawns are pricey, at 85,000/=.

Steak (2/5) – Super disappointing, I’m not sure this is a hitter item on their menu. If it is, then perhaps we came on a wrong day. Just dry, flavorless meat. Was honestly really hard to finish even when smothered in BBQ.

Ribs (4/5) – I had mixed feelings about this one. I can understand why it’s cheaper than most seafood items because it’s 70% bone. I will say that the tiny bit of meat on the ends was DELICIOUS, but the meat closer to the bone was completely hard and dry.

Chicken this, chicken that (4/5) – Pretty solid! Extremely good-looking and probably the most reliable of any meats we purchased here. Nothing was overcooked or dry and different options to choose from. I like chicken, so, maybe I am overhyping this, but I wouldn’t if it wasn’t really good.

Appetizers (3/5) – Just ok, nothing special. Wasn’t particularly interested in them. If my mate had not tried to force-feed me, I wouldn’t have tasted any of it. They are simply pricey for nothing, from 15,000/= to 45,000/=.

I will not say much about this, it’s a country club and part of Speke Group of Hotels. That alone will tell you how cool this place is, especially if you’ve been to anything Speke-related. And oh, they call their restaurant and bar The Pub, didn’t know that until I got there.

They have many other areas of service that I haven’t utilized yet. When I do, I’ll sure let you know.

So, Kabira Country Club, yeah, I would totally recommend it.

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